Samuel Pease's Sketchbook

"I am humbled to be asked to share my sketchbook."

Samuel Pease

Sasaki Associates, Boston

A lot of designers learn to sketch projects before creating them digitally, and my parents always said that I spent more time with a crayon in my hand than anything else. In college I learned print, web, typography and even the art of book binding. But until I moved to Boston, I hadn’t even heard of the field I have since dedicated my life and career to.

My EGD career began in 1999 when I walked into Design Communications for an interview — walking through the shop, seeing the work that was underway; 13’ letters, glass and stainless steel donor wall samples. It was clear that no two days would be alike. I was hooked.

I started in this field as an EGD rookie and I attribute my success to 4 factors:

  1. Learning materials and techniques with the talented team of DCL.
  2. The immense support I’ve received from the SEGD community, in particular Doug Morris, Richard Poulin, and the staff at Poulin + Morris. I have fond memories of working with Jonathan Posnett (now at 212) on the University of Rochester Donor Wall. I learned so much working to implement their designs while at DCL, and learning the What and Why of their process.
  3. The various studios I’ve worked with during my career and the inspiration from the partners and teams I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with; Cliff Selbert, John Lutz, Brian Pearce, Chris Sheehan, as well as all of the staff and principals at Sasaki whom I have had the opportunity to mentor and learn from.
  4. My wife, Erin, who always joins me in looking for cool signs on our adventures.


SEGD isn’t just a community; it’s a supportive family that has made a dramatic impact on my life and I am humbled to be asked to share my sketchbook.

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