Samantha Cote

San Diego

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Samantha Cote is an account management professional specializing in entitlements and real estate coordination with design services, lease exhibits, and master sign programs for environmental branding major national accounts. Her concentrations are entitlements, Lease Negotiations, Design Elements, Sales Coordination, Design Build, Environmental Design, Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, Event Coordination, Public Relations

Samantha Cote is a major account manager and public relations at Blair Sign Programs. There she executes promotional strategies of marketing collateral related to client development, coordinates and develop key target, inventory and active account for each division of company, and implement and maintain policies and procedures relevant to marketing campaigns. She also maintains forecasts and projections as schedule in client activity logs, primary R&D for target market(s), and cultivate strong rapport with USGBC architects, ICSC members and all other client relations.

Previously, Samantha Cote was a fit specialist and motorcycle sales coordinator at High Octane Harley-Davidson where she coordinated and supported motorcycle sales department, and the General Sales Management team and a renewal sales manager at Astaro AG. She is certified as a Massachusetts CVR Registrar and has an active membership with ICSC.

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