Sam Coultrip

Sam Coultrip, Applied Wayfinding
New York

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WalkNYC Pedestrian Wayfinding
WalkNYC Pedestrian Wayfinding

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An experienced wayfinding consultant, Sam Coultrip has contributed to some of the world’s most innovative wayfinding projects including WalkNYC, The Met in New York, the cities of Vancouver & Cleveland, and Masdar City, an eco-city in the Middle East.

Now based in Toronto, he collaborates with world-leading wayfinding companies including Applied Wayfinding, Living Map and most recently Pam Wayfinding.

Sam Coultrip recently joined Pam – a cloud-based platform for managing signs to create smarter spaces for people – in 2017. He consults education, healthcare and transport facilities that are interested in using Pam to create smart spaces that are easy to navigate and encourage exploration.

Sam spent two years as Operations Manager at Applied Wayfinding helping to pioneer the development of seamless wayfinding systems for cities and environments in North America, opening Applied Wayfinding’s New York office in 2014. Sam continues a strong working relationship with Applied.

Living Map is a digital mapping platform developing beautiful digital maps harnessing multiple data layers. Living Map are expanding fast, quickly becoming the worlds leading mapping platform to create the smartest cities and spaces.

At City ID, Sam Coultrip was client liaison and implementation manager for WalkNYC, a wayfinding program that makes it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to find their way around New York.

He has also worked extensively in the UK and the Middle East with clients such as Masdar City, TDIC, Emaar and Nakheel.

When he’s not immersed in complex signage projects, Sam loves cycling – he once cycled 10,000km from Pakistan to England, travelling through 19 countries to raise money for EducAid Sierra Leone. 

View more of Sam Coultrip's work at PAM Wayfinding,Applied Wayfinding,and Living Map.  Connect with Sam on LinkedIn.

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