Ryan Collier

Ryan Collier is a Graphic Designer at Sasaki Associates in Boston.
Boston, MA

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Ryan Collier is a Graphic Designer at Sasaki Associates in Boston.

Sasaki Associates is an international interdisciplinary planning and design firm providing consulting and design services in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Urban Design, Civil Engineering, and Interior Design. Expertise includes corporate interiors, commercial developments, waterfronts, athletic and recreation facilities and resorts.

Sasaki Associates believe in the transformative power of place. The places in which we live our lives are more than physical spaces; they are the context and the content of our experience. Today, simultaneous revolutions of mobility, connectivity, and identity are changing our experience of the world and, along with it, Sasaki Associates relationship to place. Now, more than ever before, what Sasaki Associates create will shape the way we live. Sasaki harness this power to make human hopes and dreams into proven physical realities. This has been Sasaki Associates core tenet since day one, and now, as the world changes faster than ever, Sasaki advance their shared potential through the built environment. In every project, new possibility is translated into new action. Sasaki Associates think beyond the building, beyond the site, beyond the grid, to design for people and for society. Sasaki Associates are at once realistic, holistic, and optimistic. Sasaki Associates create places that prove human potential.

Before joining Sasaki Associates in 2015 Ryan Collier worked for Coco Raynes Associates as an Environmental Graphic Designer.

Ryan Collier graduated with a Masters in Architecture (M.Arch) from Kansas State University.

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