RTKL - Jude Elledge joins RTKL Los Angeles

Photo of Jude Elledge of RTKL

RTKL (Baltimore) announced that Jude Elledge has joined the firm’s Los Angeles office as a Principal. With unique expertise in placemaking, trend-spotting, and the relationship between technology and consumers, Elledge will work closely with RTKL’s commercial designers to create enriched, next-wave retail environments. A passionate advocate of green design, she will also help advance RTKL’s Performance-driven Design initiative through implementation of sustainable business practices.

Elledge served as an independent design consultant for such developers as Grupo Roble and on projects like Dubai Festival City. She has also worked on numerous design projects for major retailers around the world. Prior to joining RTKL, Elledge founded LocalizeOC, a community capacity-building outreach program, where she still serves as director of special projects. In addition to formal training in commercial interior design, Elledge spent four years studying the intricacies of feng shui, which she credits with enhancing her knowledge of placemaking.

“I really understand the psychology of people—how they move through space and interact with the built environment. It’s a sensory experience where traditional practices, like feng shui, and the latest technology can enhance the overall design of a space.”

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