Ron Beltz

Ron Beltz

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Ron Beltz is the founder, owner, and CEO of JIT Companies, Inc. headquartered in Green Isle, Minnesota.

Ron Beltz is an entrepreneur who visualizes artist’s ideas and inspires to help them transfer their vision into a reality. Ron works with engineers, artists, architectural designers, and others who have innovative projects using waterjet cutting, glass laminating, and/or fine metal finishing. JIT Companies, Inc. work can be seen all over the United States is museums, hospitals, parks, personal homes, and many more.

Ron Beltz started JIT Companies, Inc. in 1984 as a stained glass restoration studio. This idea branched off Ron’s hobby of creating stained glass windows where he took on church related projects and leaded glass windows. With Ron’s 30+ years of experience and his exploration of new technologies led to what the company specializes in today. JIT Companies, Inc. still lives in the artistic glass world by creating custom work. Ron Beltz’ idea of providing glass laminating, waterjet cutting, and metal finishing all under one roof provides for a one-stop shop for customers.

Ron’s drive is to build lifelong friendships while allowing customers design freedom. He has a desire to be involved in the latest technology and aid in providing additional innovative materials to his customers. Being able to eliminate roadblocks, collaborate, and provide a cost effective, efficient way to create other’s visions is a talent Ron truly appreciates.

His extracurricular work includes being a long-standing member of Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. Ron takes part in the CEO peer council group where he teams up with other visionaries to collaborate and solve issues together.

Ron Beltz and JIT Companies, Inc. has been working with high profile sign contractors for years. Being new to the SEGD organization, Ron is motivated to introduce new processes to current members and designers. Helping members of SEGD design ideas, Ron would like to be closer to them, be a source of information, and be another tool in their toolbox that they are always looking to use.

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