Romas Grazhees

Romas Grazhees, University of Utah
Salt Lake City

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Romas Grazhees is passionate about graphic design, learning new things, marketing, and helping others. He received an associates degree from Southern Utah University in 2012, and will earn his BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Utah in 2015.

Romas Grazhees loves helping others with whatever it may be. Whether it's design, marketing, or anything on the computer. He is willing to learn and research about a certain skill set to teach it to others. His experience includes graphic design and marketing positions at The University of Utah Marketing and Union Programming Council.

Awards and Certificates
Top Ten Employee Award, Century Club Award (Achieved more than 100 goals), Most Outstanding Office Manager 2nd Quarter, Team Assist Award, Employee Most Willing To Help Others Succeed, IC3 Global Standard 3 Certification

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