Roger Starkweather

Roger Starkweather, SVP Sales, OpenEye Global

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Roger Starkweather is a co-chair for the Seattle Chapter.

Deliberate and imaginative is the OpenEye way, because successful digital experiences don’t happen by accident. They require a fair bit of mixing: brand, technology, audience. 

Roger Starkweather is the SVP of Sales & Experiences at OpenEye Global. Passionately accomplished and consistently driven, Roger brings over 15 years of experience working in the retail and digital strategy space. He is always in pursuit of serving first our clients while conservatively solving complex initiatives. He is fortunate to have long-standing relationships with nationally known brands such as Nordstrom, Starbucks Coffee, REI, Kroger, and L’Oreal.

Before he joined OpenEye Global in 2014, Roger Starkweather served as the Director of Business Development at EWI Worldwide, where he expertly facilitated digital solutions that helped improve customer experiences – in retail, trade shows, events and other live communication venues. Prior to EWI, he was CEO and Founder of OSA, Inc., a digital media solutions provider whose value in the marketplace is not only its collective experience but its vertically integrated, industry-proven OEM partnerships. Roger Starkweather has held leadership positions with BK Sems USA Inc., ConnectedSign LLC, and Avidex. 

Roger Starkweather is a graduate of Central Washington University, and currently holds a board position with RDI.

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