Robert Jacobson

Robert Jacobson is the Chairman and Stategist at Atelier Tomorrow in Tuscon, Arizona
Tuscon, Arizona

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Robert Jacobson is the Chairman and Stategist at Atelier Tomorrow in Tuscon, Arizona.

Robert (Bob) Jacobson's life's pursuit is the transformative use of emotive technology to experience and experiment with possible futures, improving our species' collective adaptability in increasingly challenging times. Currently, Robert Jacobson advises communities and jurisdictions regarding citizen-engagement and co-governance as necessary preconditions for viable and vital urban and regional innovation platforms. He is also re-involving himself in the redirection and meaningful evolution of the virtual-worlds industry and community.

Robert Jacobson's involvement with technology, futuristics, and innovation management spans decades of work in the public, private, and NGO sectors. He was a former advertising creative director, and a Southern California figurehead in the 1970s public-access video movement. Later, for a decade, he was Principal Consultant (policy analyst) with the California Legislature. In the process of creating laws to facilitate the growth of Silicon Valley he coined the term “electronic commerce” to describe the then-new industry that’s since become the mainstay of the commercial Internet. Much of his work was about preparing California for the nascent “information age.” For his Fulbright year in Scandinavia, Bob led teams of students studying videotex and the transborder community engendered by cellular telephony in the Nordic Arctic Circle. He was and remains a charter member of The WELL (Whole Earth ‘Electronic Link, a spinoff of the Whole Earth Catalog), the first and still the most interesting online community.

ATI is a nonprofit public-benefits corporation (currently applying for IRS tax-exempt status) that works in collaboration with local and regional government to increase citizen awareness and activation, leading to co-governance.  We currently are running two projects, Smart Citizens Southern Arizona and Southwest Civic Innovation Lab.

Robert Jacobson earned his MBA (equivalent) from the University of Southern California and his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Mass communications from the University of California, Los Angeles. Robert Jacobson was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Scandinavia where he studied nascent cellular telephony in the Nordic Arctic Circle and its beneficial outcomes for cross-border communities in the region. He also supervised students' investigative reporting on the controversial purchase of obsolete technology by Danish Post, resulting in a reevaluation of and purchasing of state-of-the-art technology.

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Read more about Robert Jacobson at the Futurist.


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