Rick Landers of CSA Crunches Raw Data

Raw Data: Infographic Designers' Sketchbooks by Steven Heller and Rick Sanders of Carbone Smolan Agency (New York) features more than 50 of the world's leading graphic designers and illustrators who open up their private sketchbooks to offer a rare glimpse of their creative processes.

Kristin Hohenadel of Slate says, "The book reveals various designers’ methods for developing and fleshing out ideas, from sketching drawings and doodles to digital mock-ups. She quotes Steven Heller as saying, “Making enticingly accurate infographics requires more than a computer drafting program or cut-and-paste template. The art of information display is every bit as artful as any other type of design or illustration, with the notable exception that it must tell a factual or linear story, rather than an expressive tale or polemical message.”

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