Richard Reese

Richard Reese
Honolulu, Hawaii

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Richard Reese is Principle and Managing Director of Richard Reese Designs LLC, a Environmental Graphic Design Consultancy in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of the premier practitioners of Environmental Graphic Design (EGD), Digital & Static Signage and Branding Programs in the Pacific Rim.

Richard brings over 35 years of design experience to every project. He holds a degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While in Cambridge, he also studied visual design at Harvard University and spent a year working for R. Buckminster Fuller on the Geodesic Dome for Expo '67. Richard worked in graphic design for major companies in Los Angeles and San Francisco before coming to Hawaii in 1975 and has since firmly placed his design mark.

Richard Reese's speciality, the integration of graphic design and industrial design in architectural environments, has been integral to the direction the company has taken. This interdisciplinary approach to design has led to extensive collaboration with developers, planners, architects and designers and has established the firm internationally. 

Richard is also managing director of CinaSystems, a company specializing in Residential Audio/Video Systems Design. He is also on the  Capital Campaign Committee of Hale Kipa, a multi-service, fully accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that specializes in working with at-risk youth and their families.

View more of Richard Reese's work at Richard Reese Designs. LLC. Connect with Richard on LinkedIn.

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