Revitalizing Philly's Spring Garden Connector

The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation and Cloud Gehshan Associates (Philadelphia)/TLP design team recently unveiled environmental enhancements to revitalize Philadelphia's Spring Garden Connector. Inspired by the Spring Garden Greenway theme, CGA developed illuminated portal structures with intricate, American Wisteria-inspired patterns, designed to transform the dark bleak underpass that serves as an entrance to the heavily traveled SEPTA rail network and gateway to Northern Liberties. The CNC-routed panel/structures will be rear illumin
ated with a concealed lighting program that changes from morning to afternoon 
and into evening. The suspended lighting fixtures, co-designed with TLP, will project the wisteria pattern onto underpass surfaces and have a monochromatic blue violet color.

The project, described as “imaginative," "beautiful," and "a huge improvement"
 by public meeting attendees, is also a key component of the DRWC's master plan 
goal of connecting Center City Philadelphia to its Delaware River waterfront. The
 new portals are part of a larger lighting and streetscape improvement plan developed by the RBA Group and The Lighting Practice. Check out the PlanPhilly feature to learn more about this project and to view video from the community presentation. 

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