Representing Cultures Through Design - Sarah Manning and Peter Feldman


Spaceagency (London) has created an extraordinary breadth of work designed across many sectors around the globe. Sarah Manning and Peter Feldman discuss and share EGD projects and how they ensure that their design teams understand, respect, and represent local cultures appropriately through their work.

Sarah Manning is the co-founder at Spaceagency, the London-based wayfinding and experience design company. Her professional experiences comprises a wide range of international commissions which integrate information design, urbanism and user experience. Sarah leads the company’s strategic work, delivering complex, multi-stakeholder projects for cities, major companies and global organisations.

Peter Feldman is the Design Director at Spaceagency and a German Architect and Urban Designer. Peter oversees and sets the vision for Spaceagency’s design work. He leads the design team on form-finding in architecture and design. He has a keen interest in the possibilities of computational geometries and has worked on leading roles on several realized projects that make extensive use of advanced fabrication technologies.


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