Renewing Could be the Easiest Thing You Do All Year

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Is it time to renew already? Well, it might be. (You know who you are.) But, even if it's not your anniversary date, you can renew in advance. 

Why would I do that, you ask? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Renewing is easy, like really easy. In fact, it might be the easiest thing you do all year.

  • If you have education or membership budget dollars left over, you can spend 'em on next year's membership (so you can attend more events in 2019)!

  • Renew while you're thinking of it and you won't have to do it later (like when you're trying to watch a video that's for members only).

  • Do it now, and you can deduct it from your taxes as a business expense for 2018!* (*We're fairly certain, but you should check with your tax professional on this one.)

  • If you renew in advance, there will be no chance of embarrassing lapsing, which can lead to other conditions like not being able to submit Member News, losing access to the amazing SEGD Toolbox,one's SEGD Bio disappearing and the general malaise that accompanies not being and SEGD member.** (**Okay, there's no scientific proof of this side effect, but we believe it's possible.)

All that said, need to know when your membership lapses? Don't need to know when your membership lapses? Want to join? Ready to renew? Emailor call SEGD at +1-202-638-5555.

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