Remembering Art Gensler, 1935-2021

Remembering Art Gensler, 1935-2021

"One of my fondest memories of working in San Francisco had to do with two things: coffee, and Art Gensler.

It's no small thing to say Art Gensler was a giant in the architecture and design community. His legacy will be carried by the firm he built and bears his name, and the work he's done will have a lasting impact on the world around us.

But what I'm always going to remember is Art at the coffee machine, getting his own coffee. Here was a man in his eighties, and an absolute legend… and at the office, getting his own coffee. He was always pleasant, and willing to talk to anyone, no matter who you were. There was always a humbleness and warmth there that this Canadian always appreciated." - Leah Ferguson, Experiential Graphic Designer and SEGD San Francisco Chapter Co-Chair

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