Refik Anadol is Changing Public Spaces with His Poetic Digital Installations. He’ll Show You How at DesignX March 15!

You don’t have to understand what parametric data is to experience the poetic, dynamic beauty of Refik Anadol’s work. The Istanbul-born, LA-based media artist combines real-time data and live audio/visual elements to create site-specific, immersive media experiences that challenge our perception of space and question the distinction between physical and digital.

Anadol’s goal is to create a new kind of public art—one in which media, computational techniques and architecture co-exist to create “a new hybrid of media arts and architecture in the 21st century." At DesignX—happening March 15-16 during Digital Signage Expo 2016in Las Vegas—he’ll focus on how he syncs dynamic content with the site, user and client.

Anadol’s recent projects include the dynamic public installation at 350 Mission Building, San Francisco, where he activated the building’s media wall with an immersive, sculptural installation using parametric data from the city of San Francisco. (The 27-story office tower, next to San Francisco's new Transbay Tower and Terminal, was designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill.)

At Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles (2014), Anadol created a site-specific video installation to accompany the LA Philharmonic’s multi-media presentation of Edgard Varèse’s Amérique. Launching LAPhil’s groundbreaking in/SIGHT concert series, Anadol used Frank Gehry’s iconic architecture as canvas and light as his medium.

Anadol is currently working on a permanent media installation for the façade of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s Bus Maintenance and CNG Fueling Facility. Debuting in 2017, the installation will reflect the “ambient qualities of the urban ecology” by presenting dynamic images that respond to a real-time environmental data feed. Using a system of LED lights, custom designed programming and real-time information feeds, “City of Bits” will bring the new building to life, creating a dynamic, fluid visual experience to compliment will reflect the city’s “ambient

Anadol says, “Media facades provide new opportunities for communication in public space. A building whose surface, and hence character, changes continuously will generate new relationships between users and their surroundings, and will provoke interactive participation.” The project is a commission from the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Cultural Affairs.

With Jeffrey Dumoof Array Interactive and Pat Green of S|N|A, Anadol will round out the DesignX session on “Aligning Experiences and Content with User and Client Needs.”

DesignX, in partnership with Digital Signage Expo 2016, is a two-day event focused on providing attendees with a road map for planning and designing smart, engaging, user-focused experiences in all types of public settings, from urban and civic spaces to retail, museums, corporate environments, education and healthcare environments and more.

During the workshop day March 15, sessions will focus on building the digital dream team, aligning content and experience with user and client needs, navigating platform choices, budgeting for digital customer experiences and trends in digital user experiences. 

For more about DesignX and its great line-up of speakers, see the DesignX event page.

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DesignX is presented by Reality Interactive.

More about Refik Anadol and his work.

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