Refik Anadol Announces Collaboration with Neuroimaging Collective

Credit: Refik Anadol Studio

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Refik Anadol Studio recently announced a collaboration with the UCLA Neuroimaging Collective to build a dynamic network between neuroscience and the arts that will shed further light on the expansion and communication of the Lifespan Human Connectome Project’s (HCP) cutting-edge research into the human brain. The Studio is teaming up with Dr. Taylor Kuhn, a clinical neuropsychologist, research neuroscientist and coordinator for the HCP at UCLA, to tackle one of the greatest scientific challenges of our century - mapping the human brain to connect its structure to function and behavior.

The MRI data that Dr. Kuhn and colleagues are working on is collected from people between ages 0-100+ and covers structure, connectivity and function of the brain across many modalities, including emotion, learning, musicianship and remembering. By training machine-learning algorithms on the HCP and other human MRI data sets, the Studio will encourage artificial intelligence to make its own patterns, resulting in a free-form imagining of human neural networks. Together, Dr. Kuhn and the Studio will be able to move through the elusive brain space and neural architecture using their respective scientific, technological and aesthetic models, opening a novel room of interdisciplinary inquiry into our mind-spaces.

View the mind-blowing preview video of the RAS x Human Connectome Project.

Image Credit: Refik Anadol Studio


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