Recap: Explore SFMOMA

Thank you to all who attended Explore SFMOMA! We had a wonderful evening discussing the opportunities and challenges unique to a new museum architecture, wayfinding approach, and brand. Our tour leaders, Jennifer Sonderby, Lonny Israel, Jon McNeal, and Dan Maxfield, lead us through the the team's approach to unifying the old and new buildings and partnerships that enabled a successful new launch. A tour highlight included the museum model room, where new exhibits that change artwork, signage, and even wall configurations are studied! SEGD SF would like to extend our gratitude to our tour leaders for sharing their time and expertise, to Jennifer and Lonny for their instrumental role in planning this event, and to SFMOMA for their gracious donation of tickets to our organization.

We know many of you hoped to attend, but were unable due to the immense popularity of this event. Stay tuned; we hope to plan more events like this in the future!

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