REACH Design Guideline for SFO

Merit Award 2014

REACH stands for Revenue Enhancements and Customer Hospitality. It is an aspirational design guideline meant to orient employees and consultants to San Francisco International Airport's point of view, values, and objectives for the future.

SFO was interested in elevating the passenger experience for the entire airport campus. With the success of the San Francisco International Airport's Terminal 2, airport stakeholders are striving to reimagine all SFO environments so that they engage the passenger’s sensibilities, decrease the stress associated with air travel, provide excellent concessions opportunities, and reinvigorate the joy of flying.

Gensler designed the REACH document to provide both aspirational and pragmatic information. The document expresses San Francisco International Airport's brand through an experiential and environmental lens. Informed by both the passenger experience and SFO’s values, it covers topics from health and wellbeing and sustainability to time efficiency and technology. Unlike traditional guideline documents, the REACH book is editorial both in writing style and layout—a fresh, unique approach designed to make a significant impact on future SFO projects.

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Jury Comments: 

“What’s revolutionary about this document is that its kind is usually targeted just to architects, planners, and operations people. But this goes out to all of the brand champions (employees, staff, etc.) and reaches to every moment that’s experienced at the airport. It looks at all the ‘moments of truth’ across a very complex organization. A good brand lesson: Every piece of experience is aligned with who you are and what you want to be.”

Design Firm: 



San Francisco International Airport

Location City: 

San Francisco

Open Date: 

December 2013

Photo Credits: 


Design Team: 

Nicole Powell (researcher/writer), Amy Kwok (researcher/writer/project manager), David Mayman (design lead), Miriam Diaz (graphic designer), Elizabeth Snowden (writer)





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