Raleigh SEGD Online event welcomes designers from all over to learn more about using Adobe XD!

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The crowd(ed rectangles in the Zoom call) at the latest Raleigh SEGD event...

included designers from all over America, which is one huge perk that I have noticed about online Chapter Events. I am currently living in Washington DC, but the email for the Raleigh chapterevent caught my eye because Adobe XD is a tool that I have only ever used for app mockups, but I know it can be used for much more. For example, I have noticed that the Adobe Creative Jam competitions this summer were pushing XD as the software of choice. It's clear that Adobe is improving XD to propel it to be as synonymous with user experience as Photoshop is with photo editing.

The presenter Matt Rae gave a terrific mid-level introduction to XD- no need for a walk through of many of the hot keys and buttons that match the rest of Adobe Suite. His presentation thesis seemed to be: you can use XD for all of your mock up needs. Recorded presentations, app design, floor plan maps, and easily drafting how elements can move in your project. But, and from the looks of the chat window I think I speak for everyone at the event, the part that blew us away was when he demoed how you can mockup MacOS voice controls for your project. By simply inputting the trigger words ("Siri, tell me about Cuba"), you can map and witness the Voice Control interactions in your mockup in real time! The future is here, people.

It was a very informative event, and people definitely made sure to stick around for the entire meeting since a year of FREE Adobe license was raffled off at the end. I am still outrageously disappointed I did not win the raffle, but maybe it's for the better if I will be even more motivated to attend the next Adobe tutorial that SEGD hosts.

By Colleen Connolly

SEGD Raleigh thanks Adobe XD for sponsoring our Adobe XD event with Adobe Design Advocate, Matt Rae.

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