Rainier Industries Welcomes Stacey Lambarena

Rainier Industries Welcomes Stacey Lambarena

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Rainier Industries recently welcomed a new Display Business Unit Manager, Stacey Lambarena, to their team.

Lambarena's experience is in management and leadership, with a passion for team learning and growth. Previous to her new position at Rainier, she was the Sales Plan and Steer Manager at IKEA, where she worked her way up through the ranks. She traveled the world to attend and facilitate trainings related to every aspect of the business, from selling and marketing to products to leadership. She has a competitive spirit and loves sports, particularly enjoying her kids’ games.

Lambarena is tasked with growing Rainier’s Display Business Unit, one of four distinct businesses within the company. The display division specializes in custom display solutions including wallcoverings, framed artwork, banners, vehicle wraps, wayfinding signage and large scale environmental branding such as for sporting facilities. Their work marries a unique blend of fabrication capabilities, including print, fabric, metal, wood, and 3D freeform tube bending, including their architectural sculptures called Rainier Clouds.

Stacey is excited to bring her passion for leadership and strategic planning to the Rainier team. “There’s so much potential for growth, both of the people and for the business. The possibilities are literally endless!” she said.

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