Rainier Industries Introduces the Bender

SLC Airport "The Canyon" Rendering

Rainier Industries is proud to enhance their already extensive fabrication capabilities with the most advanced 3-D freeform tube bending technology in North America.

This innovative machine from Europe allows tubing to be shaped with a variable radius to fabricate completely custom and precise shapes using an oil-free clean bending. It can bend any commonly available round metal tubing with an outside diameter between 3/4” and 2 3/8” and up to 20 feet in length and has the additional capability to print on the tube.

“We’re delighted to add this highly innovative production tool to our arsenal,” said Rainier President Scott Campbell. “Innovation is something that we really pride ourselves on, and encourage for our people on an individual level and for the business as a whole. The fabrication possibilities for our bending machine are exciting!”

The bender is currently creating an art installation for the new terminal of the Salt Lake City airport, scheduled to open in 2020. Artist Gordon Huether designed the project based on Utah's iconic canyons. “The Canyon” will be integrated on two walls of Salt Lake City's new central airport terminal, spanning 362 feet and incorporating more than two acres of fabric and the equivalent of eight miles of aluminum tubing.


Find more at http://www.rainier.com/art/bender/canyon-slc-airport/

A video of the bender in action can be found at http://www.rainier.com/art/bender/

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