Prophet Releases Brand Relevance Index

Prophet's 2016 Brand Relevance Index

Prophet (New York) has released its inaugural Brand Relevance Index, which it says is the first survey to ask consumers which brands matter most in their lives. While some names on the list aren't surprising (Apple, Amazon and Netflix for example), others are unexpected.

"At Prophet, we believe that relevance is the most reliable indicator of a brand's long-term success," says Scott Davis, Prophet's Chief Growth Officer. "It's not enough to be relevant to a consumer at any one moment in time; a brand must earn and re-earn consumer loyalty at every point throughout the customer journey. The brands that scored high in our index enjoy healthy long-term demand and a strong bottom line because they are constantly reinventing themselves to satisfy and delight consumers. In other words, they are relentlessly relevant."

You can find out who made the list here.

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