Predictive Places - Phil Kim


For the past 10 years, designers have had to figure out how to code neighborhoods for people - reflecting accelerated changes for the way they actually live, the way they want to use space, and the way places are actually supposed to function. Phil Kim of JERDE discusses Predictive Places and the process of trying to get much closer to human centered design and, even in large scale projects, try to reflect those kinds of changes.

Phil Kim is a Member of the Board of Directors, a Shareholder and Managing Director Asia Pacific at The Jerde Partnership, Inc. in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, focusing on Jerde’s Placemaking ideas and development of complex urban projects that has helped rejuvenate Asia cities and recognized with over 140 international awards.

He is deeply involved and advises cities and developers on innovations in mixed-use design, retail, urban revitalization, precinct strategy, vertical cities, the value of place and building social sustainability into emerging market cities.

He is an Executive Committee Member of ULI APAC and Hong Kong and initiated its first pure retail forum with the Experience the Experience event in 2021 and he was a Global Governing Trustee, the Global Mission Statement Committee, and a juror for the Award of Excellence. He is also a Founding Member of the Institute for Sustainable Urbanisation. For cities and government, he has been selected as an expert advisor on State Significant Projects in New South Wales and Queensland and continues advisory work on the Future of Place initiatives in multiple emerging countries around Asia Pacific.

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