Podcast | Specifying Materials to Make Budget

Specifying MAterials to make Budget Podcast by Jon Richards and Phil Bolduc of SEGD



Two leading fabricators from the East and West coasts discuss the 10 questions a designer needs to ask to start to develop the skills and expertise to specify materials for EGD projects in such a way that the design intent can be kept within a budget.

The session is presented in two parts.

A discussion using examples of materials specified on a variety of placemaking elements. The second part a discussion about a pylon sign for a hospital. This project goes into detail about ways to modify a design to fit the given budget.


  • Cost considerations
    • Climate, proximity to or immersion in water, humidity
    • Illumination
  • Durability: Specifying the right material
  • Issues affecting longevity
  • Finishes and their effect on project cost
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Budget wishes versus reality
  • Cost engineering. Different ways to approach the same idea
  • Rough size basics for a variety of materials and
  • Examples demonstrating effective use of materials

Reviews of a series of projects by leading designers showing
where money was saved by simple design decisions


  • Expertise in material selection: knowing the parameters to look for to keep projects within budget


Podcast Materials

  • Audio file
  • PDF presentation
  • 10 step checklist (XLXS) including typical materials costs, durability and longevity values



  • 56 minute audio presentation



Jon Richards, Jon Richards Company
Phil Bolduc, Neokraft Signs

Originally presented May 25, 2004


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