Podcast | Specifying Color and Utilizing Light

Podcast Jeff Damm


What you will learn

Color and light are essential elements within Experiential Graphic Design. If we have an understanding of how color works in conjunction with light, it will broaden our design process.

How should you specify color in your next project? It is all in the light. The science experts at Matthews Paint will walk you through the specifics of the light spectrum and how you should use it to specify color in your next project. This lecture will in simple terms link light to color to the specific real world cases where we work. 

Jeff Damm, an expert in light and color, takes us on a fascinating journey in this talk to help us understand and apply the theory of color, lighting mediums, methods that describe color and how color and light have such an important influence on the world we live in. Every project you work on must take color and light into account somehow.  Download this podcast and become an expert in this topic! Don't miss this great opportunity for designers to understand the science of color.


  • Theory of color

  • How color and light effect the world we live in

  • Dimensions of color
—hue, saturation/chroma, and lightness
  • Understanding color through numbers

  • How certain light renders color

  • Color under various light conditions
  • Color space
  • Different kinds of light sources—incandescent, halogen bulbs, fluorescent, arc lighting (HID), neon, LED, limelight
  • Color temperature
  • Comparing light sources
  • Choosing color for specific lighting schemes
  • The psychology of color


Questions Answered

  • Colors being communicated in an exterior environment are radically different with natural daylight compared to artificial light in evenings. How do you choose which light to test it under?
  • How do colors fade and change in an outdoor environment and which colors retain their true tone longer than others?

  • How can designers create their own color testing process in their office that they could apply?


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with 1 accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 60 minutes




Presented September 17, 2004

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