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Podcast Seth Davis


What you will learn

Sketchup is something most Experiential Graphic Designers use, and with good reason-it’s a tremendous tool. Speakers Andy Parsons and Seth Davisare both experts in the development of Sketchup for documentation purposes and its use as a tool for fabrication. In this Podcast, they explain how Experiential Graphic Designers can interject themselves more into the architectural process with tools such as Sketchup. They also refer to a case study to demonstrate how these methods and lessons can be applied.

 If you, or your colleagues are professionally involved with architects and commonly use Sketchup as a tool, then this Podcast is for you!


  • A design process for the three dimensional collaboration document
  • The skills needed to set up a dimensional process
  • Using BIM in the process
  • Using walk-throughs and mockups
  • From three dimensional design intent to bid documents
  • The high-end three dimensional bid document


Questions Answered

  • When does a fabricator use three dimensional drawings?

  • Are some of the smaller architectural firms starting to use Sketchup models or are they using AutoCAD early on?

  • How are high end documentation detail drawings integrated into the BIM model?


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with 1 accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 60 minutes



  • Andy Parsons, Parsons Environmental Graphics Consulting
  • Seth Davis,Urban Sign and Crane


Presented October 28, 2009

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