Podcast | Sensors 101

Podcast Tanuj Parikh


What you will learn

Estimote's Tanuj Parikhleads this webinar all about Sensors. He will address: sensor technology, design challenges and opportunities, the hardware and software benefits of Beacons, example use cases in different verticals, with an emphasis on design/architecture, and best practices for building a beacon experience.

Learn how beacons and other wireless technologies are transforming environments and how users connect to place!  


  • Connecting people to place through sensor technology
  • Evolution of technology and design
  • Extending human ability to make sense of the world with external tools and technologies
  • Beacon technology explained
  • Applications of Beacon/sensor technology across verticals
  • Creating smart spaces
  • Use cases of Beacon technology


Questions Answered

  • Discussion question: Are your clients/projects asking for consideration of Beacon technology?
  • Are the tools available online for Beacon technology?
  • What verticals are you seeing Beacons used in most?
  • How dependent is this technology on owning or developing your own mobile app?
  • Can Beacons be used for wayfinding in hospital or museum settings?
  • How does someone opt in or out of Beacon technology?
  • Can sensors, through the app, change the content on in-store displays?
  • Can multiple people/devices communicate with a Beacon at once?
  • How can Beacon technology be used to help people with accessibility issues navigate a space?
  • Will we see a development of Beacons where they become more active or can store data in themselves?
  • As Beacon technology becomes prevalent, will Wi-Fi technology become passé?


Course Materials

  • This course contains one webinar including a presentation to follow along with and a Discussion/Q&A Session. 



  • Approximately 75 minutes




Presented November 19, 2015

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