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What you will learn

How many feet apart should signs be? Is color truly useful in wayfinding? Ongoing research has a direct impact on EGD. This course begins with an overview of research and its impact on design and building codes. Then learn which research sources exist and where they are applicable. Also included is an overview on how to look at and interpret a specific research report.

Phil Garvey unpacks what research really is and its direct impact on Experiential Graphic Design with a focus on legibility. Through case studies, Garvey reinforces the importance of research and how previous research can help solidify your design decisions and he also explains how to interpret specific research reports.

To gain further insights into your design projects, research must be undertaken.

If you’re looking to increase your design impact, download this podcast and understand the must-knows of research!


  • The big research issues

  • Mistakes around what research is or isn’t

  • Wayfinding research and legibility

  • Levels of research and approaches

  • Designer Prototype Testing

  • Full Prototype
  • Research Review and Guidelines Development

  • Full Research Testing

  • ADA testing in research

  • Research draft test plan example

  • Research methods and variables in case study

  • Legibility of arrow case study

  • Recognition and legibility thresholds


Questions Answered

  • When testing prototype signs with all user groups, including visually impairment users, what problems may arise?

  • What do you think are the most common mistakes a designer can make when performing any design research or testing on their own?


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 75 minutes



  • Phil Garvey, Visual Communication


Presented November 1, 2005

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