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Podcast John Bosio


What you will learn

The future is now! Environmental graphic designers are currently incorporating mobile web and media in projects from urban wayfinding to museums to institutions. This course will focus on how designers can incorporate mobile media into their projects including pricing, planning, designing, and managing implementation.

Our phones are powerful tools that have become an integral part of our daily lives. Mobile technology gives us the ability to harness that power to enrich and expand the possibilities for wayfinding projects. This talk explains how three experts in the EGD field used mobile web technology to elevate their projects and bring them into the digital age. Vijay Matthews, Linda Perry-Lube, and John Bosio talk about the projects they have done using mobile web and give their take on the future implications of using mobile in designing wayfinding projects. 


  • New mobile technologies for wayfinding
  • The future of wayfinding signage
  • Information hierarchy in mobile apps for wayfinding
  • Connecting users with relevant information
  • Integrating mobile innovations with existing EGD/wayfinding tools
  • Keeping content updated and relevant
  • Pricing and costs for mobile technologies
  • Enhancing visitor experience using mobile technology
  • Connecting onsite and online experience
  • Challenges in using mobile technology
  • Using mobile technology in a way that keeps user objectives in mind
  • The importance of usability testing to make sure mobile technology is enhancing rather than detracting from user experience
  • Consistency when using mobile technology


Questions Answered

  • Can you explain how phones recognize their environments in augmented reality through technologies like image recognition and QR codes?
  • How does language translation occur in the mobile application when scanning the sign in the environment?
  • Why would you choose to do an app over a mobile browser?
  • How are these apps developed?
  • How did the budget change throughout the development of the project?
  • Was a separate budget created for the maintenance of the project?
  • For people traveling to the US from abroad who do not want to incur data charges, this can be a concern when using the mobile technology in the museum. How do you address this concern?
  • What have you been looking at in terms of budget for integrating apps in an urban or heritage park project? 


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, 1 video, and 3 accompanying PDF presentations.



  • Approximately 70 minutes



  • John Bosio,Merje
  • Linda Perry Lube, American Museum of Natural History
  • Vijay Matthews, Winfield & Co


Presented January 20, 2011

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