Podcast | Modularity in EGD

Podcast Gary Stemler, Dave Noshay, and Robert Brengman


What you will learn

When designing experiential graphics in facilities like hospitals, it’s valuable to know if there will be any physical room changes down the line. If so, modular sign systems are great ways to attack this issue of updating signs.

 Join Dave Noshay, Gary Stemlerand Robert Brengman as they refer to experiences undertaken by the designer, fabricator and product designer/suppliers in specifying changeable modular systems. They describe projects all three have worked on and demonstrate what a good and well thought out modular system looks like. They cover important considerations when creating and maintaining a modular system with efficient methods to design with the future in mind. 

In the big picture, modular systems can save a lot of time and money, and they might be appropriate for the project you’re working on now. 

Designers are learning that developing a design strategy around modularity allows for great flexibility and substantial innovation, while saving money for the client. This design lecture establishes how modularity works on a number of levels including the most efficient techniques for integrating modularity into a wayfinding and identity design process, working with modular sign companies, and maintenance and management issues. Finally, the lecture will offer a sample design process used in developing a modular program.


Download this Podcast and find out all you need to know about modular systems!

  • Modular systems defined

  • Best use for modular systems

  • Positive and negative values of a modular system

  • Modular sign fabrication

  • Extrusion details


Questions Answered

  • What approach seem to work best for lowering the number of adhesives being used in a modular sign system and is it thought about early in the design process?

  • What are the biggest pitfalls that you would warn people against when developing large scale lighting systems for modular signs?

  • Can you describe an example of a client that’s done a good job with ongoing management of modular systems and why did they do a good job?


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with 1 accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 60 minutes




Presented April 18, 2006

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