Podcast | Metrics and Methods in Wayfinding and Identity

Podcast Michael Gericke + Andrew Kuzyk


What you will learn

Wayfinding and identity philosophy are among the most important aspects of design, but are very rarely discussed on large architectural and urban projects. Perfect for design professionals and institutions, this workshop will focus on identity and wayfinding analysis for a variety of project types including urban systems, transit, healthcare, stadiums, museums, and retail. Michael Gerickeof Pentagram and Andrew Kuzykof Entro Communications will lead a panel debating the approaches of each participant for each specific area. How do they relate and how are they different?

This workshop is an engaging discussion surrounding the fields of wayfinding and environmental graphic design from experts who practice in these areas. The speakers all bring unique perspectives to the panel and deliver an inspiring and informative conversation on the metrics and methods of wayfinding. In this talk, you will learn about several designers’ processes and will be left inspired to try new things in your own wayfinding and EGD projects.

Michael Gericke, Andrew Kuzyk, Boyd Morrison, Jeremy Kramer and JP Lacroix dish up advice, design philosophy, inspiration, and a few jokes, too! 


  • Finding inspirations
  • Establishing brand and identity through environmental graphics
  • Using color to enhance and build identity and communicate information
  • Advice for designers, old and new
  • Working with architects to integrate wayfinding messages into an environment
  • Different approaches to wayfinding
  • Integrating signage into the environment
  • Linear vs. spatial wayfinding: pros and cons
  • Tools for wayfinding
  • Destination prioritization
  • Readability and legibility in wayfinding signage
  • Placement of signage
  • Using architectural elements in signage to create identity
  • Using symbols for wayfinding
  • Information hierarchy in healthcare settings
  • Research and testing
  • The danger of relying on single-metric sources
  • Developing your own design standards and metrics
  • Homogenization of identity across place
  • Culturally competent design
  • The importance of having a multidisciplinary team


Questions Answered

  • Where do you think the field of wayfinding is going?
  • How do you deal with budgeting for wayfinding projects?
  • Are architects receptive to wayfinding systems in their buildings?
  • What were the budget numbers for the Arizona Cardinals project?
  • Where do you see the future of architects in terms of integration of identity? Do you think they are going to be split into two camps of those immersed in identity and those just creating frames for identity to fit in? 
  • Do you see any difference in the collaboration further down the chain of suppliers as a project manager? What are you doing to drive best practices in that collaboration process?
  • How do you determine exactly what the client is trying to achieve?


Course Materials

  • This course contains 6 podcasts, with 7 accompanying PDF presentations.



  • Approximately 280 minutes




Presented April 12, 2007

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