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Podcast Lance Wyman


What you will learn

EGD Pioneer Lance Wymanshares his philosophy on symbols, color, and information design and how it has evolved throughout his lifetime. In this engaging and informative talk, Lance takes us through his remarkable career in EGD and explains how his design ideology was formed through his experiences.

Lance discusses how he created a cohesive and comprehensive graphic system for the 1968 Mexico Olympics through the use of color, symbols and icons, and typography. His dynamic use of these elements in his landmark project helped to create a clear branding message for the event that has influenced Wyman throughout the rest of his career.

Wyman is a master of iconography and creates wayfinding and branding systems that give a clear sense of place. Learning about the man behind a brilliant career and countless iconic projects is inspiring and will leave you feeling energized, excited, and ready to breathe new life into your own work. Download this podcast for tons of inspiration and insight (and pictures of Lance Wyman as a kid)! 


  • Systems of graphics based around themes
  • Color and symbols in EGD
  • Creating a visual language
  • Iconography in signage
  • Cultural influences in graphics systems for wayfinding and branding


Questions Answered

  • How is the London mapping system different from other mapping systems?
  • What is your opinion on the use of universal symbols versus the use of more unique symbols?
  • In the Mexico City subway system, you used symbols in a very linear way. What do you think is the strength of that kind of system, and do you wish you saw more of that kind of approach in mapping today?
  • How are your icon designs being impacted by GPS and other technology? In practice, how does knowing that your icons will show up on tiny screens affect the results?
  • Are more organizations, cities, and institutions trying to use symbols to define identity or are people moving away from that?
  • Do you think there is a trend towards integrating symbols into architecture similar to your work on the Marco museum in Mexico? 


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with 1 accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 70 minutes




Presented January 31, 2008

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