Podcast | The Logical Document

SEGD Podcast | The Logical Document with Scott Souchock


What you will learn

There is a logical layout and flow to the design documentation needed for Experiential Graphic Design projects so that they can be understood and shared with all members of the implementation and project team. Drawings link to spreadsheets which link to databases. This Podcast focuses on the design formats and symbology that work best for creating complex document sets.

Sign Location Plans are foundational within Experiential Graphic Design. The ability to create and understand these plans, especially in large EGD projects is a crucial step in designing Wayfinding projects

. Scott Souchock talks in detail about the Sign Location Plan and how, with the use of FileMaker, you’re able to streamline this crucial step of the process. He provides successful methods for the layout of all signs on the location plans and databases for documentation. 

If you’re familiar with Sign Location Plans, or are looking to become more competent in this area, this podcast will benefit all who listen.

This Podcast is not a computer or technical primer. It focuses on design formats used in database software and drawing software. The Podcast is for an office focused on making designs that are systems oriented



  • The EGD product/output

    • Specifications (SPECS)

    • Sign Type Drawings (STDS)

    • Sign & Sign Types Schedules (SSTS)

    • Sign Location Plan (SLP)

  • How to determine Sign Types

  • How to build the Sign Type database

  • Examples of Sign Type Documents 


Questions answered

  • If you don’t use Filemaker, is Excel ok?

  • When you embed the graphics into Filemaker, does the file lag and is it hard to work with?


Some questions in this Podcast are created from the content

Podcast Materials

  • Two PDF presentation files
  • One mp3 Audio file
  • They are contained in one downloadable zip file



Approximately 50 min



  • Scott Souchock | Maxwell Edwards (previously G! Scott Design)


Presented March 2, 2006

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