Podcast | A Linear Approach to Design Documentation

Podcast | A linear approach to design documentation with James Keppel


What you will learn

Design intent documentation is critical in Experiential Graphic Design for designers to be able to communicate with fabricators who will collaborate with you to translate your ideas into physical objects.

Linear - as in using the documentation process to keep moving the design process forward in a straight line.

Learn design documentation strategies that effectively communicate design intent, streamline the manufacturing process, and reduce unnecessary costs to the end user and internal budget overruns. This course will touch on subjects that affect everyone on the design team: principals, project managers, designers, production specialists, fabricators, and installers.


  • The designer's role in the process
  • Defining the deliverables - Key milestones in the development of the design
  • The Elements
    • Means and Methods
    • Materials limitations
    • What makes a good note?
    • The Drawings are Contract Documents
    • What does "Performance Specification" Mean?
    • Technical Specifications
  • The Design Process
    • How to build effective teams to handle the task at hand
    • How to manage the construction during the design phase
  • Implementation
    • Procurement Strategies - Cost-saving procurement approaches
    • Managing the Bid Process
  • Strategies to reduce repetitive tasks between design and construction 


Questions answered

  • What is the CSI format?

  • If there’s a mistake in your design document drawings and the sign is built wrong, who’s liable if the fabricators don’t re-draw?

  • What are designers major problems in the documentations you see?
  • Where does the failure of communication normally occur?


Podcast Materials

  • One mp3 audio file
  • One PDF presentation file
  • One Downloadable zip file containing both.



  • Approximately 58 min



  • James Keppel | Ellipsis…


Presented February 24, 2005

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