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Podcast David Middleton


What you will learn

Information design is a huge part of the Environmental Graphic Design field. In this podcast, David Middletondiscusses the importance of looking at the whole picture of information design and creating a universal theoretical construct of information design.

David Middletonand Craig Berger talk about the important considerations when designing information design systems. They touch on everything from using research to improve information design, to legibility and information clutter, to icon and landmark based information design and how we can incorporate these methods into more traditional wayfinding approaches. David and Craig consider the pros and cons of different methodologies and techniques used in information design. In designing an info design system, it’s important to weigh each of the different elements as a part of the big picture in the environment instead of looking at them each individually in a vacuum.

This podcast focuses on leading issues related to the way people establish information design paradigms. What are the important pieces of information when establishing an info design program? What are designers trying to establish when creating and utilizing information design techniques? Download this podcast to find out! 


  • Establishing a universal theory of information design
  • Using research to improve information design methodologies
  • Legibility in information design
  • Information design utilizing landmarks and icons
  • Number of destination messages per sign
  • Information spread across a number of signs
  • Sign message and wayfinding hierarchies
  • Amount of text and/or icon messages on information signs
  • Layout of text on information signs
  • Information clutter in the environment


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast and 1 accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 50 minutes




Presented July 17, 2007


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