Podcast | The Hierarchy of Building Numbering

Podcast Gladys Brenner


What you will learn

Design experts Gladys Brenner,Reuven Rahamim, and Lynne Wagner explain, in detail, building numbering and design that takes into account legalization set out the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Building numbering and naming is a core skill of the environmental graphic designer. In this talk, Gladys R. Brenner,of AB Design, Inc., Richmond, VA, explores how a hierarchy of color, symbols, numbers, and messages organizes a building and aids in wayfinding. Gladys discusses the basic principles related to room numbering and how to implement them, and provides examples illustrating her strategies. Reuven Rahamim describes the importance of a logical flow in room numbering, color coding and the reinforcement of information for ADA users. Lynne Wagner refers to a case study where she took over a disorganized university system and created a consistent ADA numbering system.

 All of these speakers are experts in the field and impart valuable instruction and wisdom based on their experiences with building numbering. 

This talk is jam-packed with knowledge, and the information provided will help inform your design strategies toward building numbering!


  • How to educate clients on numbering concepts

  • Ways to differentiate information

  • Room numbering systems

  • Things to avoid in building numbering

  • ADA considerations in room numbering

  • ADA numbering for elevators


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, including a Q&A session, with accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 80 minutes




Presented May 30, 2003

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