Podcast | Foundations of Wayfinding

SEGD course the foundations of Wayfinding, Romedi Passini and Sue Gould


What you will learn

Expert designers Romedi Passini and Sue Gould guide you through thought provoking sessions that look at the foundations of wayfinding.

Romedi explains through a case study the fundamental knowledge underpinning wayfinding. He talks about it’s importance and illustrates how this knowledge can be used.

Sue Gould speaks on the processes undertaken to develop effective wayfinding programs, involving analysis of user groups and nomenclature to orientation and program analysis. 

The content of this podcast is invaluable. If you want to understand the foundations of wayfinding, download this course!


  • Why we do wayfinding

  • Spatial orientation vs wayfinding

  • Case studies speaking about strategy of complex environment

  • Effective wayfinding programs process that include:

    • Analysis

    • Programming

    • Planning

    • Design Development

    • Documentation


Questions Answered

Romedi Passini

  • What kind of distance or time factor is appropriate for pedestrians to not see either architecturally or visually, the next indicator of where they’re going?


Sue Gould

  • When do you use different orientation tools and principles?

  • Are there other means for giving people a sense of orientation other than maps, since maps require a certain kind of literacy?

  • How do you receive analysis information from very complex user groups?  


Course Materials

  • This course contains 2 podcasts, including a Q&A sessions, each with accompanying PDF presentations.


  • Approximately 45 mins each podcast.


  • Romedi Passini
 , author of Wayfinding in Architecture, and People, Signs, and Architecture (with Paul Arthur)
  • Sue Gould, Lebowitz/Gould/Design, Inc.


Presented January 21, 2003

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