Podcast | Environmental Graphic Design for Building Security and Building Egress

Podcast Bob Loza + Tom Horton


What you will learn

 Secure entrance and safe egress are two leading issues underlying most EGD projects today, linked in that there must be a reassurance of building safety in all modern buildings. This course looks at the cutting edge of security environmental graphics and US Government benchmarking for secure but non-threatening wayfinding and information design. The lecture extends into the issue of safety design and is an excellent source on the leading issues in a segment of EGD that permeates nearly every project.

Bob Lozaof Cyrano Creative and Tom Hortonof Genslerare two of the leading experts on designing for building security and safety. In this talk, they walk us through the important considerations when designing secure spaces.

Tom Horton discusses Gensler’s work on improving security in built environments. He talks about the essential things to keep in mind when designing secure environments and the challenges faced. Tom emphasizes the importance of simplification to create streamlined messages that convey all the necessary information without overwhelming viewers.

Bob Loza of Cyrano is an expert on project management and creating security in building egress. He has worked internationally and with the US and has a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of safety code and how it applies to signage.  In his portion of the talk, Bob focuses on building egress and crowd movement codes, and more specifically how members of the EGD and XGD communities fit in to the equation.    


  • Security signage
  • Using signage and information to create a secure environment
  • The importance of limiting sign quantity so as not to overwhelm the viewers
  • Unifying signage and streamlining security
  • Designing signage to cover a range of different signage needs for different visitors
  • Simplification and reducing sign clutter
  • Information placement
  • Welcoming vs warning tone in security signs
  • Consolidating messages
  • Ensuring consistency
  • Fire safety regulations
  • Managing crowd movement in building egress
  • Working with multiple governing bodies to regulate building safety
  • Wayfinding for safety egress
  • Communicating emergency and safety information graphically
  • Avoiding confusing or repetitive signage
  • Fire safety vs ADA


Questions Answered

  • I work in a museum environment and right now we are working on a parking structure where the pedestrians will be crossing in a shadowed area. We have designed overhead signs but are facing resistance from management. Do you have any research on the effectiveness of overhead signs? 
  • What is the importance of doing an audit and how could that be approached?
  • If you were going to talk to a client who only wanted code signage, would it be a good idea to make a checklist including things like “required”, “recommended”, “strongly recommended”, etc.?


Course Materials

  • This course contains 2 podcasts with 2 accompanying PDF presentations.



  • Approximately 77 minutes




Presented on July 22, 2003

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