Podcast | Donor Recognition Programs

Podcast Alan Jacobson, Hans Krake, and Robert Agosta


What you will learn

In this talk, experts in the field discuss donor recognition not as a modular system but as a methodology that can be a communication system between designers and clients. Donor recognition programs can be powerful marketing tools to bring in new donors and connect the community to an organization. This topic is important for many SEGD members and the information in this podcast will help you become more strategic in creating donor recognition programs!

Alan Jacobsonhas excelled in designer guidelines and donor recognition. He uses donor recognition as a strategy and philosophy, carried out over an entire project. Alan takes us through the process of donor recognition and the reasons that it is an important part of design projects—showing appreciation and recognition, marketing to prospective donors, fundraising efforts to help an organization grow, and connecting the community to an organization. Alan walks through over case studies and examples to illustrate the process of donor recognition. Alan emphasizes understanding the history, vision, and mission of an organization when designing donor recognition programs in order to create relevant and appropriate programs that embody the point of view of the organization.

Robert Agosta and Hans Krake walk through case studies to illustrate different methods of donor recognition that take into consideration some of the guidelines that Alan mentioned in his segment of the talk. They echo Alan in emphasizing the importance of getting involved early in donor recognition projects, keeping the vision and history of an organization in mind, and planning for growth in donor recognition programs. 


  • Designing donor recognition programs
  • Donor recognition as a philosophy and methodology
  • Communication between designers and clients through donor recognition
  • Who are donors, what do they give, when do they give, where do they give, and why do they give?
  • The right questions to ask when designing donor recognition programs
  • Guidelines, research, campaigns, and approach to donor recognition
  • Challenges faced and considerations in creating donor recognition programs
  • Categories of recognition
  • Creating identity for a donor recognition campaign
  • Materials used in donor recognition
  • Documentation for donor recognition programs


Course Materials

  • This course contains 4 audio files, with 2 accompanying PDF presentations.



  • Approximately 75 minutes



  • Alan Jacobson,AGS
  • Hans Krake, Krake Studios
  • Robert Agosta, Mitchell Associates


Presented December 16, 2003


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