Podcast | Developing Better Design Intent Documentation

SEGD Podcast | Better Design Intent Documents with Mark Andreasson


What you will learn

Along with specifications, design intent documentation and specifications are the two skills/knowledge areas that will help a designer to become a much more effective environmental graphic designer. Documentation is the primary medium for communicating design between fabricator, client, and designer.

Many firms have trouble creating strong design intent documents. The ability to create strong design intent documentation really helps an Environmental Graphic Designer to be much more effective in their job. Mark Andreasson is a leader in this area and speaks from his experience of seeing countless design intent documents.

In this podcast, Mark will explain how to create a strong design intent document. He will cover five informative points. This is an important podcast containing information that can help streamline your project processes!


  • Who will use the documents
  • How will the work be solicited
  • Basic Information
  • In the drawings
  • Basic Cost Understanding and budget knowledge


Questions answered

  • What is MBE and DBE?

  • What scale do you (Mark) normally see the design intent documents in? and what scale do you prefer to see it in?

  • What are your (Marks) thoughts on design intent drawings vs construction documents?

  • We are a small design firm with graphic designers, not engineers. We only specify core material information and dimensions while relying on fabricators to complete the engineering drawings. Do other firms follow this practice?


Podcast Materials

  • One mp3 audio file
  • One PDF presentation
  • Downloadable as a single zip file



  • Approximately 1 hr 50 min



  • Mark Andreasson, Design Communications, Ltd


Originally presented on February 25, 2003

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