Podcast | Designer/Fabricator Process

Podcast Bob Loza + Anton Werner


What you will learn

Public and private clients require entirely different processes for design jobs. Both processes can be streamlined by utilizing the information provided in this podcast. Bob Lozaand Anton Werner unpack the crucial skills that a Graphic Designer needs to ensure that their designs are successfully translated into the finished product. 

Bob takes you through four design guideline phases that occur with private client projects. He speaks from a wealth of experience and uses case studies to reinforce these guidelines. Anton Werner explores designer/fabricator project coordination in the public sector by means of a 10 step process to a successful program. This podcast is connected with an in-depth intent document session called "Developing Better Design Intent Documents" by Mark Andreasson. Both courses share excellent information for designers, fabricators and other parties involved in EGD projects. It you're interested in the processes mentioned, download now!  


  • Comprehensive breakdown of private and public sector processes
  • The importance of strong designer/client relationships
  • The bid process through to completion
  • Insights into the fabricator process in conjunction with design


Questions Answered

  • How common is it for the designer to do the shop drawings?
  • If you're starting out in this field (EGD), what's the best way to establish relationships with different fabricators?
  • When it comes to specialty fabricators that work under the main fabricators, how do you arrange the series of relationships that creates the project and how much control does the designer have? 
  • Fabricators may slip behind designers toward changing materials (ie. things that save money), and sometimes they will just do so without discussing it with the designer. How does the designer work out those particular issues?


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast including a Q&A session, fabricators approvals and punch list templates, and 1 accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 80 minutes




Presented November 11, 2002

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