Podcast | Design Tools: Methods for Advanced Visualization

Processing is an open source programming language used for the creation of visualization and visual design forms in new media and has been embraced by many designers as an expanded tool in their software arsenal. Designers are using processing not only for creating visualization and visual form making, but for solving complex design problems not easily addressed through analogue methods. Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor that works as a plug-in with the 3D-modeling software Rhino. It requires no programming or scripting knowledge and allows designers to build forms and manipulate 3D elements through a simple visual interface.

Michael Shaub is a Graphic Designer at the Chicago offices of Gensler. At Gensler, Michael works within an EGD studio but also collaborates on many interdisciplinary projects requiring advanced visualization and representation that go beyond the traditional digital toolbox most designers are familiar with. By using programming and modeling software that integrate code and parametric design principles, Shaub is able to manipulate traditional process boundaries and create visually compelling experiences that are capable of translation to both physical and digital mediums.

This 2014 webinar will provide an overview of the capabilities of these various software packages while providing an in-depth how-to examination of how the software was used to advance a concept and provide a means towards visualizing and translating the idea to a physical reality. Learn how these digital design tools and processes can transform and allow for complex conceptual forms can be physicalized through code manipulation.

This design tools webinar is geared for designers, architects, and planners looking to increase their awareness of emergent trends in design technology and the tools available to expand concepts into built realities using open source and off the shelf software. Learn how Gensler made a choice to develop a model for R&D to be integrated into the design process, and how it is impacting the projects and ultimately the designed spaces where these advanced visualization techniques are employed


  • Learn about how new technology is being integrated into the design process
  • Learn how complex visual problems can be solved by manipulating code through simple visual interfaces
  • See case study applications for advanced visual form and image making in EGD projects
  • Understand how to take these methodologies and apply to your projects and design research
  • Understand effective  innovative methods for using emerging technology


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This webinar was first presented in 2014

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