Podcast | Defining the City - Developing Urban Identity, Interpretive & Wayfinding Systems

Podcast 11 Speakers


What you will learn

Eighty designers, fabricators, and city and Chapter Chairs met at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City to hear about the latest trends, regulatory hurdles, and special skills required to develop urban wayfinding, banner programs, kiosks, and other urban projects.

Designing cities is a huge part of Experiential Graphic Design. In this comprehensive and informative workshop, you will hear from speakers on the most important considerations in designing and defining an urban environment. Through case studies of successful wayfinding, information design, and identity building in urban settings, you will gain a better understanding of what it takes to define a city from the design to fabrication, and even down to the funding that makes it all possible. Learn what goes into planning for, designing, testing, implementing, and evaluating a successful project from industry professionals all with a breadth of experience in their field. 


  • Information/destination hierarchy
  • Supporting both pedestrian and vehicular movement
  • Integrating wayfinding systems into cities
  • Symbol development for cities
  • Complications with designing urban signage and wayfinding systems
  • Sign legibility
  • Do’s and don’ts of urban signage
  • The design process—from data collection and analysis to implementation and evaluation
  • How to implement successful urban wayfinding systems
  • Fabrication methods and materials for urban wayfinding and signage systems
  • Planning and funding
  • Developing a wayfinding plan
  • Wayfinding as an extension of a city’s identity
  • Involving stakeholders in wayfinding programs
  • Working with the government in establishing wayfinding systems
  • What makes a successful urban wayfinding project?


Questions Answered

  • Was the 6-inch copy required by the LA DOT a constraint?
  • Can LA make future changes to signs when necessary? If so, how?
  • What are your thoughts on bent or angled arrows?
  • How do you account for elements of work that you may not have budgeted for? How do you structure an arrangement with your client?
  • Who pays for the maintenance of city wayfinding systems?
  • Are there standards for the use of color in airports?
  • How did you deal with nomenclature in the DC wayfinding project?
  • How did working in DC compare to other cities in terms of security considerations?
  • What is ISTEA?
  • People in the DOT are often sympathetic but seem to be constrained by the bureaucracy. Any suggestions?
  • How to avoid sign clutter/pollution? 


Course Materials

  • This course contains 6 podcasts, with 12 accompanying PDF presentations.



  • Approximately 164 minutes



  • Leslie Gallery Dilworth,SEGD
  • Craig Berger, SEGD
  • Connie Claman, Liberty Science Center
  • Harold Neil, New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Jeff Corbin, Corbin Design
  • George Kennedy, DVS
  • John Bosio,MERJE
  • Andrew Bertucci, United States Sign Council
  • Dawn Diamond, The Douglas/Group
  • Rich Golber, Guidance Pathways Systems
  • Chris Calori,Calori Vanden Eynden


Presented October 11, 2002


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