Podcast | Cultural and Multicultural Issues in Wayfinding

Cultural and Multicultural Issues in EGD, Jim Bolek


What you will learn

Part 2 of 4 in a series on ‘Wayfinding Beyond the Book’.

The United States has 41 million foreign-born residents and other countries around the world are seeing a similar influx of new people and design trends. This multicultural world not only has language barriers, but also educational, cultural, and technological separations that impact design.

We live in a world where cultural appropriateness and application is very important, especially in Experiential Graphic Design. This Issue can prove challenging for designers, especially when the language barrier is not the only challenge. 

Throughout this Podcast, Jim Bolek and Frank Hickey discuss cultural wayfinding challenges and issues. They demonstrate how we’re able to be inclusive and sensitive to other cultures when designing wayfinding systems through elements like colors, language and layout.

 This podcast will increase your cultural sensitivity when designing wayfinding systems.


  • Cultural wayfinding issues

    • Planning

    • Placement and position

    • Color, shape and symbol in wayfinding

    • Language and layout

    • Maps and graphic support

    • Technology creating its own culture

  • What we mean by culture when defining cultural wayfinding issues

    • Universality
    • National Culture Specific

    • Environment Specific

    • Demographic Culture

  • How issues can be reconciled

  • How to be sensitive to cultures when designing wayfinding systems

  • Being sensitive with symbology


Questions answered

  • All questions in this Podcast are created from the content


Course Material 

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 1 hr 15 mins.


  • Frank Hickey, Signia Design, Inc.
  • Jim Bolek,JRC Design


Presented January 28, 2006


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