Podcast | The Core Design Intent Document

Podcast George Lim


What you will learn

A core design intent document is rapidly becoming a standard among environmental graphic designers.  How did this document come about?  What documentation processes have different firms employed? What are the components of an EGD standard document process? Also included will be boilerplate documentation language and address academic design intent documentation.

Environmental Graphic Designers often have various issues with creating design intent documents. These issues can be barriers to training and development for those beginning in the field.

 In this podcast, the first in a series of two, 

Tangram founder George Limfocuses on the standard of design intent documents, how and where it came about, how a designer can apply it, and what fabricators have been looking for that aids in the assistance of standards. He fosters a discussion around common questions that deter or confuse young designers and designers trying to get their documents prepared.

 Understanding the issue of design intent documents starts by downloading this podcast and the valuable information enclosed in the linking podcasts.


  • Example of a bulletproof design intent document
  • Common Q & A’s that can deter and confuse young designers
  • Type of language to use in design intent documents

  • What to include in a design intent document


Questions Answered

  • The biggest complaint we’ve seen with product suppliers is that some fabricators can find a way of using lower class products even when it’s specifically put into place what to use. Do you have any specific tips for it to be as bulletproof as possible?

  • Discussion Question: You say that you don’t need material performance specs in the design intent drawing package. If you are going in to an open bid situation, you have the possibility for a better performance spec section seems like a good idea to cover yourself.

  • When and where would an 11/17” document would be most applicable and when would a 24/36” inch document be the most applicable?

  • In creating a more bulletproof design intent document, there can be more architectural vocabulary involved. Do you suggest designers start adopting architectural vocabulary?
  • Discussion: Performance specs vs material specs
– What are the most important things that should be included in the EGD performance specifications? 


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with accompanying PDF presentation and glossary of terms.



  • Approximately 60 minutes




Presented February 23, 2005

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