Podcast | Billing Approaches for EGD Firms

SEGD Podcast | Billing Approaches for EGD Firms


What you will learn

It is difficult to determine EGD fees. Clients often expect an architect's percentage fee or a small consulting fee that does not include project management. This discussion reviews preliminary results of a new billing survey and includes a discussion of different billing approaches and experiences. Part of the discussion includes justifications for specific fee approaches.


  • Hourly Rates versus Value based Pricing strategies
  • Report back from the SEGD Billing survey and interviews with EGD Firms


Podcast Materials

  • One mp3 audio file
  • One PDF Presentation file
  • One Billing table comparison chart
  • One downloadable zip file containing all three documents



  • Approximately 67 min



  • Alan Prushan, AGS
  • Mari Frith, Mari Frith and Associates, Inc.


First presented September 27, 2005

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