Podcast | The Big Picture: Telling a Story with EGD

Podcast Jonathan Alger


What you will learn

EGD can be seen as the art of using space as a medium of communication, making the environment around you tell you where to go, what to buy, where you are, and what to do next. It can even tell you a story. Jonathan Alger,Principal Designer and 2006-2007 SEGD President, provides an overview of how EGD can be used as a storytelling tool in projects as wide-ranging as exhibitions, trade shows, themed spaces, and landscapes.

Storytelling is an art, and if executed properly, can create amazing experiences. 

If you’re wanting to develop your storytelling abilities and be inspired, download this Podcast!



  • The art of storytelling in Exhibition Design

  • Various examples of how EGD was used to create stories

  • The impact of story telling

  • Story telling processes and themes


Questions Answered

  • When you start creating a story, do you start with a blank slate? Or does the client have a preordained view of how it will look and how the story to be told?
  • When you bid on a project, should you come into the interview with certain ideas for the story?


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with 1 accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 60 minutes




Presented January 25, 2005

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