Podcast | Architecture in EGD

Podcast Phil Engelke, Jim Harding, Jim Alderman, and Dick Nicolson


What you will learn

Integrating environmental graphics into the architectural design process is one of the biggest issues facing the EGD field, and unified relationships between Architecture and Experiential Graphic Design can be paramount to successful design collaboration. Architecture and EGD, however, haven’t always seen eye to eye. 

Many projects you work on may involve architecture in one way or another, and as experiential graphic designers, it can sometimes be a challenge to reconcile differences and work seamlessly within the realm of architecture. Join Phil Engelke, Jim Harding, Jim Alderman, and Dick Nicolson
 as they talk through the role that architecture plays in experiential graphic design. They pull purposeful elements from their own experiences– from balancing the roles of architecture and experiential graphic design to create a well-rounded outcome, to projects being lead graphically as opposed to architecturally and how experiential graphic design processes can weave into architectural processes, and vice versa.


This teleconference charts how progressive architecture and design firms integrate EGD into conceptualization, schematic design process, design process, and design documentation. The lecture also offers tips you can use to orient your firm, philosophy, and practice to work inside the architectural design process.


  • Become more informed about architecture working within EGD through this podcast!
  • A short history of architecture in EGD

  • Graphics led architecture
– Integrated architecture and EGD processes case studies

  • EGD management design process

  • Advocate role

  • Leading role

  • Designing with architecture’s influence

  • Working with architects to solve challenges


Questions Answered

  • Have you seen architects that have been good advocates to integrate EGD into their projects early on?


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with 2 accompanying PDF presentations.



  • Approximately 75 minutes




Presented April 5, 2006

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