Podcast | Advance SketchUp: Developing Design Intent Documents

Podcast Seth Davis + Daniel Brown


What you will learn

Seth Davisand Daniel Brown are experts in using SketchUp and will walk you through the process and how it is used on both the design and fabrication ends. Daniel Brown covers SketchUp in the design process as he uses it at Exit and explains how SketchUp can be used as a tool to create an animated walkthrough of what the space will look like from the user’s point of view to show clients what to expect in a finished project. Daniel discusses different plugins and uses of SketchUp in the design process and how it can be used as a way to interface between designers and architects and fabricators.

Seth Davis talks about how useful SketchUp can be to avoid expensive models and reiterates Daniel’s message about the utility of SketchUp as a communication tool between entities in all steps of a project from design to fabrication. Seth examines case studies of successful design intent documents using SketchUp and details the process on the fabrication end after receiving the design intent document including creating a SketchUp model and starting a dialogue between designer and fabricator.


  • Using SketchUp to develop design intent documents
  • SketchUp for designers and fabricators
  • Plugins for SketchUp
  • Using SketchUp to illustrate lighting effects
  • Using SketchUp for collaboration between designers, fabricators, and architects
  • Animations in SketchUp
  • Using SketchUp to translate 3D models into 2D drawings
  • Wire frame drawings in SketchUp


Questions Answered

  • Can anyone opening up SketchUp for the first time get an intuitive feeling for how it works? 
  • Can anyone opening up SketchUp for the first time get an intuitive feeling for how it works?
  • Do you know of any online resources that show best practices for using Illustrator with SketchUp?
  • What are some of the plugins you are using and for what specific purposes do you use them?
  • What file extensions do you use when exporting or importing between SketchUp and Illustrator?
  • Can you talk in more detail about typefacing? What program are you doing this in? 


Course Materials

  • This course contains 1 podcast, with 1 accompanying PDF presentation.



  • Approximately 38 minutes




Presented December 15, 2011

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